Tuesday, March 27, 2012

CorFire Market Watch, 03-30-2012

Week ending March 30, 2012

Mobile ticketing platform Eventbrite launches card reader

Eventbrite, the self-service ticketing platform, today announced the release of the At The Door Card Reader, a device used to easily and securely collect credit card payments for events using the At The Door iPad app. The new reader is the company's first piece of proprietary hardware, and when used together with Eventbrite's At The Door app, offers a complete box office solution. Credit card payments can be accepted using the reader for tickets to events of all sizes and types, merchandise, VIP packages and more.

The credit card reader will be available in Eventbrite's new online store, Brite Store, at no ultimate cost. Organizers will purchase one reader for $10, which will be automatically reimbursed in the purchaser's Eventbrite account….

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ScholarChip launches NFC platform for school admins

ScholarChip, a provider of smart ID solutions for schools, has announced the release of its new School Safety and Operations (SSOS) platform for NFC-enabled mobile phones.

The SSOS platform includes Android applications for taking attendance in classrooms and on school buses, monitoring hall traffic, paying for public transportation, making mobile payments and ticketing for extracurricular events.

With SSOS, a student is issued a secure contactless token that consolidates a wallet, keys and ID cards into one card, which can now be read using an NFC-enabled mobile phone.

For example, a student traveling to school in the morning can pay for a transit fare by tapping the token against an NFC phone on the school bus, or a contactless reader on the public bus or at the subway turnstile. When the student gets to school, they can tap the token to check in at an entry kiosk, enabling teachers and administrators to know that the student has arrived safely….

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Google debuts GetMo, an m-commerce resource for UK retailers

Google Inc. is shipping its mobile commerce resource site across the Atlantic to help retailers in the United Kingdom find ways to deploy m-commerce sites. Along the way it receives a name change to Get Mobile. Dubbed GetMo for short, the initiative is similar to the Go  Mobile site launched in November in the United States.

Located at HowToGetMo.com, GetMo presents data Google uses to make the argument that businesses need to go mobile. It offers a tool that shows how a retailer’s site currently looks on a smartphone and provides tips on areas for improvement. It showcases exemplary mobile web sites and highlights case studies of businesses on the mobile web. And it includes a list of 16 vendors that Google says can help a business craft a mobile web site.….

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UK Mobile adspend increases 157%

According to annual figures from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), UK adspend on mobile media – including search, display and video – surged 157% year on year to a total of £203.2m in 2011.

The IAB claims this growth has been fuelled by the rapid uptake of apps and social media, the availability of cheaper data packages, and more consumers using their mobile devices to access the web while watching TV.

For the first time, retail is among the top-spending mobile sectors, accounting for a 12.3% share of total spend, compared with 5.5% the previous year….

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Canada’s payment systems need mobile boost, according to Canadian government report

Canada's economy could get an annual $32 billion boost with a more determined shift to digital payments products and services, according to the final report of a federal review of the nation's payment systems.

But change won't come without government leadership, according to final submissions from the Task Force for the Payments System Review. The task force spent 18 months examining the opportunities and challenges involved in decisively moving Canada away from paper-based payments, and blamed a lack of innovation by key financial institutions including Canada's major banks.

"We still rely largely on old-fashioned methods of payment such as paper-based processing, and cash and checks," the review said. "In addition, Canada is falling behind in the international push to generate a secure mobile ecosystem, the revolutionary agent that will deliver extraordinary new commercial and public services to consumers via their smart phones." .…

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